During this challenging season, there have been several encouraging moments and experiences. One of those experiences came through the start of a new Summer business. Hear what dad Tremaine Fowler had to say about his children’s Summer goals.

“In the spirit of entrepreneurship, I have set my 7, 9, and 11-year olds with a Greenlight account to begin managing and saving money. After putting them through money works for kids, the next step is to begin generating income. Since they want more money than I pay for chores, they have decided to start refurbishing computers. They have seen me do it time after time. So this summer, I am showing them the ropes. This business will not only teach them how to run a business, but this will also show them what giving back and serving a community looks like. ”

What do they need?
“Any old desktop, laptop, cell phone monitors that you are looking to trash or recycle, leave it on your doorstep, and we will get it picked up. We will pick it up in any condition.”
What will they do?
“DOD wipe all data from hard drives and, in special cases, destroy the hard drive – they will love that! They will then sanitize and clean the hardware and assess if it can be refurbished, stripped-down, or trashed. From there, they will sort the hardware, pair items together as needed, and then get to work. What they will learn: They will learn responsibility, how to earn a dollar with their own hands, how when you see a need you can fill it and lastly understand how you can build something and call if yours. Not everyone was born to work for someone.”
How will they give back?
“With many families opting for kids to stay home, they will need computers. For every 5th computer, they complete they will give it away to a family in need. In closing, if you, someone you know or any businesses in the area, have any unwanted computer parts or accessories, please don’t hesitate to reply here, reach out via PM, or text me direct 281.900.3525.”

If you have a COVID19 success story, let us know. We would love to share it with our church family!

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