Psalms 127:3

Children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.


Welcome to HP Kids!

Harvest Kids offers a place where children from birth through fifth grade can discover and develop a passion for God. Our childcare leaders, curriculum, and planned activities will make your child’s experience both fun and exciting. We want to give every child the chance to know Christ, to grow in Christ, & to follow Christ!



Your child’s safety is our ultimate priority.

Our children’s ministry staff is comprised of parents, as well as volunteer workers, who love children and are trained in appropriate security & safety procedures. The children’s classrooms are accessible through only one check-in point. Parents will pick up and drop off their kids from the check-in desk and asked to not come to classrooms other than for special activities. This will decrease the amount of traffic in our “safe zones” and prevent children from leaving with other adults.

Children With Special Needs

Each child is important and is a valued part of our children’s program. For some children, we will need to make accommodations to help them to learn and grow. In order to do so, we would like to arrange meetings with parents, give suggestions to the leaders, and set up alternative plans as needed. Please inform the volunteers at the children’s ministry registration so that we can make your child’s experience possible.

“The Patch” Worship Service

A 15 to20 minute worship led by our youth in the children’s ministry area to introduce the children to worship and praise. The children will be allowed to express themselves through dance, musical instruments, etc.

We have age-appropriate programs during all services.

Sprouts – Ages 0 to 18 months

Children will be exposed to a safe environment where they can discover new textures, colors, and shapes. They will be given “belly time” and stimulated unless they are sleeping. We recognize that each parent is the expert on their child and will honor your wishes in regards to their diet and routine when possible.

Sweet Peas – 18 months-3 years

Children will be exposed to a safe environment where they are able to explore centers based on their development skills. They will be taught an age appropriate bible lesson and participate in activities that include bubbles, music, and crafts.

Potatoes (Big & Small) – Pre K-  to 1st

Children will be separated into Small Potatoes (Pre-K and Kinder) and Big Potatoes (1 st Grade). They will be taught an age appropriate bible lesson and participate in activities that include biblical movies, music, and crafts.

Pumpkins – Grades 2nd-3rd

Children may be separated in class based on their grade. They will be taught an age appropriate bible lesson and participate in activities that include biblical movies, music, and crafts.

Carrots – Grades 4th-5th

Children will be taught an age appropriate bible lesson and participate in activities that include biblical movies, puzzles, and crafts.

Worship Services


Please drop your children off at the designated check-in desk in the children’s ministry area no earlier than 5 minutes prior to service. This will allow our ministry leaders and point team to properly prepare to accept your child and offer them a valuable experience. You will be given your child’s classroom assignments from the check-in desk. First-time attendees will be given a registration form to complete and return upon their next visit.

Check-in/Pick up procedures

Please check-in your child at the check-in desk and refrain from visiting their classrooms.


  • A Parent/Legal Guardian must be present when checking in their children.
  • A numbered card is given to the Parent/Legal Guardian. The child’s name will then be written on the sign-in form with the designated number. The card will remain in the possession of the Parent/Legal Guardian until the child is picked up.
  • If there is an emergency, the number will be flashed on the side screens during service for the Parent/Legal Guardian to pick their child up from the pick-up area.


  • After service, the Parent/Legal Guardian or someone 16 years or older must present the issued card to the Check-in Desk Attendant. No child will be released without the card.
  • In exchange for the card, the Parent/Legal Guardian is given a numbered Claim Ticket for their child or children and asked to wait.
  • The card and the matching numbered Claim Ticket is then given to a Runner.
  • The Runner will retrieve the child or children and walk them to their Parent/Legal Guardian. The Runner will match his/her numbered Claim Ticket to the Parent/Legal Guardian’s numbered Claim Ticket to make sure the kids are released to the right person.

Please label all of your child’s belongings including clothes, bottles, pacifiers, and backpacks.

Please double check to ensure that all of your child’s belongings are returned when picked up. A Lost & Found is located at the check-in desk for all left items. However, after 30 days, all unclaimed items will be taken to a donation center.

Please do not allow your child to bring toys or other items from home. They can sometimes be a target for other children or a distraction during the lesson. We will have plenty of activities and toys for your child to enjoy at the appropriate times. Lastly, we are not responsible for lost items.