Harvest Point Kids

Welcome to Harvest Point Kids!

We are excited you have decided to visit our website. Our mission and vision of this ministry is to nurture the spiritual lives of our children who are at the initial stages of their Christian journey. We put emphasis on our children engaging in worship, experiencing age-appropriate biblical instruction and stories, and being an example of Jesus’ love to the community. Making Disciples is our purpose and we do it in an environment which is engaging, fun, loving and safe for our children. If you have any questions regarding this ministry, feel free to contact me.

Season L. Bland
Children’s Ministry Director

How We “Go”

Each child is to know who God is and disciple them into a living, growing relationship with Jesus and know the work of the Holy Spirit. So, we Go Big, Go Small, Go Serve and Go Tell.

Go Big

Go Big in our large group as each child will experience the freedom to worship.

Go Small

Go Small as we break into smaller groups to focus on biblical instruction which is age-appropriate.

Go Serve

Go Serve by allowing our children to donate and partner with ministries and organizations which help our community, and our surrounding cities.

Go Tell

Go Tell everybody. We want our children to share God’s word with family, friends, classmates, and whomever they meet.


At Kid’s Check-In, each child must have a name tag/sticker and at pick–up each parent or guardian must have a sticker. This allows the ministry to match the child to the parents/guardians. Parents, please allow time for this process. The Welcome Desk volunteers will walk your child to their class area. Nursery/Toddler parents, if your child is aged 6-weeks to age 23 months, you are welcome to walk with your child to the nursery/toddler area.


To update your profile or to create a profile, visit Member Access. If your child has allergies, please inform the ministry volunteers at the Welcome Desk during your initial visit and update your profile. When an allergy is identified, the allergy will be displayed on the child’s name tag/sticker and it will be placed on the front of the child to indicate to the ministry teachers and other ministry volunteers the child has an allergy.

Support Your Kid’s Ministry

We look forward to a great season of ministry and this great season of ministry cannot be done without the support of great adults, parents, grandparents, and guardians. If you would like further information about the ministry or volunteer opportunities in the instructional and non-instructional areas, email kids@harvestpoint.org.

When you serve in an instructional or non-instructional area of the ministry, you support the purpose of the ministry, Making Disciples.