*******Today 9/4/2017*****

Labor of Love

Thank you church family for all of the donations. We are still accepting and sorting donations today from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm. Also, those who signed up to serve,  we will be going departing from the church today at 12 noon to assist families whose homes were damaged. Join us! #LaborDayLove #Relief


*******Today 9/1/2017*****

Bethel’s Global Reach is in need of more help. We have a team going by again today at 9 am.  We had some scheduled to help out at Redemption Church ( see below), but we will look and see if we can join them on Saturday.

The Anchor Church 

The Anchor Church is leading an effort to clean and gut some homes

Point Person: Pastor Rafael Paez 281-382-3776 or Rachel Billings 281-507-9330

Meeting Days & Times:

Meeting Location: 8814 Green Castle Way, Houston 77095

Items to Bring:  mops/brooms, towels, disinfectant cleaners, sponges

No one has indicated that they need a place to stay. Thanks to all who made their homes available.


Does anyone have a wheel chair that is no longer needed.  If so, please text me at 713-320-4334.

Pending Opportunities 

We are working on relief efforts in Dickinson, Texas and in the Sunnyside area of Houston, Texas.  I will send out an update.

Reminder: Donated Items will be accepted on Sunday.  Please see lists below, for priority items. Thanks.

If you have any questions, please call or text me at 713-320-4334.


Bethel’s Global Reach

Our ministry partner, Bethel’s Global Reach (Southwest Houston), will need volunteers for distribution of food, clothing, baby supplies, etc.  starting Thursday (tomorrow), Friday and Saturday.   They also need donations of Baby/Toddler clothing, diapers and feminine products. The address is 12660 Sandpiper Drive, Houston Texas, 77035. We will get started at 8:30 am.

The Forge for Families

Another ministry that we partner with is called The Forge for Families (forgeforfamilies.org).  They are presently operating as a Red Cross Relief Shelter. The good news is that they currently have several volunteers that are already in place and as of today, they do not need any volunteers at the time. They do, however, need assistance with other supplies.   Here are some of their needs:

30 and 50-gallon trash bags

Cleaning supplies

Simply green cleaner

Latex gloves

The Forge for Families is located at 3435 Dixie Dr. Houston, Texas, TX 77021.  If you are unable to take donations directly to their facility, we will accept them on Sunday between services.

Redemption Church


Redemption Church (redemptionhou.com) is located inside of the loop where they experienced a significant amount of flooding.  Many homes near the church need to be gutted:

Here is a message from the Pastor:

We’re meeting each morning at 830am our building (8915 Timberside Dr, Houston, TX 77025) to send out crews again. There are countless houses around us that need cleanup help, many of them elderly folks with no one else to help. We can show you what to do–just show up, and we’ll put you to work making a real impact for this great city.

If you can, bring work gloves, a hammer or crow bar, and a utility knife.

If you are interested in serving on this project, some from Harvest Point will be there on Friday, 9/1/2017. Text me at 713-320-4334, so that I can let the Pastor and his team know.

Other Donations

Any other donations can be accepted on Sunday between services.

I will keep you posted on other volunteer opportunities.  We will be involved in these types of projects for many months to come.